When you run an online campaign for your product or service offer, you are likely to want to bring interested visitors to your website.  But not just any part of your website, rather to a specific, consciously designed page that explains in more detail how your offer would benefit potential clients…and most importantly what they have to do, to get their hands on your product (e.g. get them to purchase).  This web page is called a landing page in the lingo of online marketing.

There are important elements to a successful (read: high conversion) landing page and how it is built up, and this post will aim to take you through those steps.

One of the reasons online marketing campaigns have become popular among marketers is the ability to measure how they perform. If you are a marketing manager, you are likely to have thought of reaching certain goals that you would want to measure.  Similar to most sports activities, where you train to get better and better results that you measure in some way, online campaigns also have various measurable outcomes.  When we build a landing page for a specific campaign it will become the online platform where we expect those goals to be reached.